We always follow up with every customer on every job to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We ant to make sure we have done the job right and you can confidently give us referrals and a positive review if you feel so inclined. It provides us with an opportunity to thank you for your…

Work Day(s)!

We will prepare the site prior to crew arrival to make sure there are no potential concerns are present before the install, like siding problems, plant harm, or detached gutters. Once the work is completed we do a post job inspection to make sure we leave your property better off than when we arrived. We…

Job Scheduling

We discuss any final questions you may have. If you’re ready to schedule the work we will complete a formal agreement including detailing your final selections for material, style and color. We pick a date that is usually within five to seven business days of signing the agreement or even sooner in many cases.

Free Estimate

We often provide our estimates on site at the time of the inspection. In some cases we need a little more time to price out the job and that will be completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Onsite Inspection

We always do an inspection of the roof as well as the interior attic space for any prior or active water leaks. Our roof-review process includes a 20-point inspection and taking photographs of our findings, which we provide to the homeowner so he or she is clear about what we found during our inspection.

Client Discussion

No matter a website inquiry or email sent, we speak with every customer so they can explain what they need us to accomplish. This allows us to better understand their current situation and needs. We will ask you about the age of the roof, any prior repairs that may have occurred, roof type, among others.…