Ridge vents are a single continuous vent system that is installed along the peak of a roof. The peak is essentially opened a few inches to expose the attic below. Over the top of the opening is a cap system called the “ridge vent” that covers the opening and overlaps with the roof, keeping out debris and moisture.

Ridge vents are typically used in asphalt shingle residential roofs, and differ from other vents in that they allow the air to vent out of the attic at the highest point making ridge vents one of the most effective tools in energy savings. Because they are at the highest point of the roof, the hottest air (which rises to the highest point in the attic) isn’t trapped inside, but rather vented out. Ridge vents lead to a much more consistent temperature throughout the attic which leads to more consistent heating and cooling in each room in your home.

One of best features of a ridge vent is their near invisibility. Ridge vents are nearly impossible to see unless you are really looking form them. If you are looking for a beautiful roof without a lot of things protruding from it, ridge vents are the way to go.  Ridge vents also benefit from the most durability, dependability, consistency and are the least likely to leak compared to other vents.

You can see why ridge vents are a popular option for attic venting and overall home energy efficiency. They are not the best if you have little to no slope on your roof, your roof is small or a unique design that would limit their effectiveness.

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