Composite Roof Shingles

Composite roof shingles are simply shingles made from manmade materials like plastic polymers, fibers, resins, fiberglass, recycled paper products and dyes to create a durable, long-lasting shingle. They are often called synthetic shingles. Composite shingles are fire resistant and don’t have problems with moisture like asphalt shingles do which makes them resistant to mold growth and algae. Also, if damaged, composite shingles can be replaced on an individual basis. Composite roofing does not crack, split, peel or warp and comes in most any color, shape or size which makes them a highly versatile choice. Because composite roofing is manmade, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles often simulating traditional asphalt, tile, slate and wood shingles.

Composite roofs are considered a high quality product and recognized by most roofing professionals for their durability. While other roofing shingles last an average of 20 years most composite roofing is warrantied from 30-50 years. Some composite shingles are even guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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