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Tiles roofs, also called “Spanish roofs” are made form terracotta clay tiles and are widely used in some areas of the country like southern California. They are often used in the southwest of the United States because they are more efficient in blocking the heat from the sun than asphalt shingles. Tile roofs are not just the terracotta shaped clay tiles you might have initially thought of. They now come in a wide variety of colors and shapes to fit almost any design. The best part of tile roofs is their durability. It is not uncommon for a tile roof in the southwest to last 100 years. There is a manufacture that offers a 75 year warranty on one of their tile roof options.

Characteristics of Tile Roofing

Traditional clay tile roofs are very heavy, and sometimes require more structural reinforcement than other roofing materials. However, tile is now offered in new lightweight versions which can be used on most structures without additional reinforcement.

While many homeowners prefer the look of traditional Spanish and Mediterranean styles, tile roofing is also available in exact replications of shake, wood shingle, and slate. It can be found in a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from the well-known adobe red to colors that are reminiscent of moss green, driftwood grey, and ocean blue.

Tile Roof Benefits

There are many advantages to installing tile roofing, regardless of which material you choose. Some of these advantages include:


A tile roof can last over 100 years, especially when installed in the right climate. Clay and concrete tile roofs have been known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. Once you install tile, you will never have to install another type of roofing again. Just in case, manufacturers will offer a 50-year warranty.

Plenty of choices

Clay, concrete, and slate tiles come in a wide variety of colors and styles to match any home style, from Medieval to Contemporary European. Some styles even resemble traditional shingles or wood shakes.

Energy efficient

The heavy thermal mass of tiles will help regulate indoor temperatures.

Impervious to rot and insect damage

Unlike wood, tiles roofs will never decay.

Environmentally friendly material

Tile roofs are made from earth minerals, not chemicals, and can be ground up and recycled when they are removed.

Low maintenance

Leaks are almost unheard of, and it is very rare for tile roofs to require repairs or maintenance unless they break due to heavy impact.

Tile Roof Repair

The most common problem with tile, concrete tile, fiber cement, and other types of masonry roofing is cracking. If a tile roof leaks, the problem is almost always with the membrane beneath the tile. In order to repair this, you’ll first have to find the area that is leaking. Once you have identified the source of the leak we can begin the process of repairing the leak. If you suspect a leak, don’t wait, give us a call or contact us for a free estimate before the leak causes any more damage to your home!

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